EarthRise SoundSystem has released a full length compilation album of remix work that duo have created over the past 3 years.

This is not a traditional Mix CD, but rather a collection of AMAZING remixes by the duo EarthRise SoundSystem: Producer and Instrumentalist Duke Mushroom and DJ/Writer/Director and Yogi Derek Beres. The duo emerges here with a collection of Remixes they have created for World Music luminaries and Yoga Music artists, spanning the sounds of India, Morocco, Jamaica, Nigeria, Colombia, Egypt, Mali and Tunisia.

Live percussion, horns and exotic world instrumentation create a true global sound and create the highlights of Remixes Are Songs Too: Nigerian legend Femi Kuti’s political war cry, ‘Demo Crazy,’ is taken at half-speed with a saxophone solo by Sylvain Leroux, who also adds fula flute on EarthRise’s 6/8 dance track, ‘Sun People,’ originally recorded by New York City DJ Nickodemus. Label mate The Spy From Cairo finds his Arabic dance banger, ‘Jennaty,’ taken into Balkan territory with a heavy Brazilian beat. Malian guitar great Vieux Farka Toure is treated with a Nyabinghi riddim on the spacious version of ‘Sarama.’ The duo spends to North Africa on the blazing dance version of Novalima’s ‘Se Me Van,’ which flips a Colombian song with Gnawa beats, and again on their Egyptian percussive-fueled take on Bombay Dub Orchestra’s ‘Egypt By Air.’

A couple original tracks also emerge: ‘Labyrinths’ was the theme song for the documentary film, DMT: The Spirit Molecule. The haunting track features Carol C, lead vocalist of New York City Latin electronica outfit Si*Se, as well as Ravid Khahalani from Yemen Blues on haunting back-up vocals, Dave Eggar on cello and Rachel Golub on violin. Emcees Srikala and Nadhi Devi join in on ‘Metaphysical Fitness,’ EarthRise’s new take on, “Rama”, an instrumental track from their previous album, “The Yoga Sessions”.

I dare you not to groove along to this one..

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The Yoga-Next conference features two amazing sacred music programs by Masood Ali Khan & Ensemble and Cooper Madison & Ensemble.

7.30 PM – 8.30 PM
Instrumental music & Kirtan with Masood Ali Khan (Hang drum & vocals)
Deepak Ramapriyan (Violin)
Marla Leigh Goldstein (Percussion, tabla & Flute)
Abbas Premjee (Mohan Veena)
Katyana (Vocal)
Mark Gorman (Bass)

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Masood Ali Khan is performing Friday night, May 5th, and Sat morning at Omega, with talented Sheela Bringi on Harp and Bansuri and Daniel Paul on tablas.Come out for a Sacred Cinco de Mayo!

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